Eco Fencing - Advanced Composite Posts & Gravel Boards

  • Stronger than Concrete Posts
  • Quick and Easy to Cut
  • Easy to Install
  • No Cracking
  • Maintenance Free
  • Light Weight
  • Double Sided

Fence Posts

Eco Fencing fence posts can be cut to length and fitted in exactly the same way as timber and concrete posts.


Size        Incl. VAT            
1.8m £14.49
2.4m £21.95
2.7m £23.95

Gravel Boards

These form an attractive board at the bottom of a timber panel and can also be used to form a complete composite fence.


Size                           Incl. VAT            
1.828m £17.95
2.438m £23.95

Concave & Convex Panel Tops

Adding panel tops to your composite fence allows you to create visual effects and a beautiful finish to your fencing panels.

Product       Incl. VAT            
Convex Panel Top £28.95
Concave Panel Top £28.95


Used to form corners and 3-way connections, simply screw it on to the side of a post. Utility Strip also slots into the end, forming an end post.

Product                    Incl. VAT            
Utility Strip £7.49

Caps and Acorns

Easily clip on to the top of the fence post.

Product                   Incl. VAT            
Classic Cap £1.45
Acorn £1.64
Globe £1.64

Supaspike / Boltdown

Product                 Incl. VAT            
Supaspike £15.99
Boltdown £15.99


Security Clips (Pair)

Product                   Incl. VAT            
Security Clip £1.99